Absolute disgrace

The new service charge is a joke.
I thought this was supposed to be affordable housing? How is sticking a £60 charge on top of the existing rent affordable!?
I wouldn’t have minded paying for the service charge as such if we had of kept the brilliant consierge service.

I have two questions:
1. Was Irwell Valleys’ budget so much in the red last year that to balance the books this year they are making us pay for the service charges and getting rid of the consierge service?
If the figures are correct of why the service charges are what they are (£60 a month) and the amount they stated it would cost per resident to keep the consierge service (£180 a month); this means they are saving £240 per month per resident compared to the last financial year.
2. What exactly does my rent pay for? We’ve had a breakdown of everything except what our rent actually pays for.

If you take the above figure and multiply this by the approx. 182 flats in Fitzgerald, Southey and Castleton, it means they are saving/gaining £44,640 per month across these three buildings. That’s £535,680 per year.
This is on top of the almost £60k they make per month on the standard rent alone.

Where’s my money going!?

2 Replies to “Absolute disgrace”

  1. Yes. Where’s our money going? If Irwell Valley cancelled the concierge service and saved the huge money, why they want a lot of money from us?
    Anyway, I have never seen something similar in my life. The Irwell Valley is trying to make a real huge money just taking it from our pockets and also just to take it from Housing benefit.
    They are saying that is legal action. I am just asking them, why they want only £15.87 a week? Why not £158,70 a week. Do not forget. They started from £0 and changed it to £15.87 in only one month this year.
    They must understand, this is not acceptable in this world.

  2. I’m afraid they are trying to make up now for what they will lose when we exit the EU. Remember most of their funds for renewal etc etc have been in EU grants and they continue to get them but of course not for much longer. It is a cynical attempt to rake in cash over the next 2-3 years and it is pretty transparent in my book.

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