NO for Irwell Valley barbaric practice !!!

The Irwell Valley wants to increase my rent nearly 20% without any discuss to us.

What’s wrong with them?

Is any employer which wants to increase my salary about 20%?

I strongly disagree to change my rent by the “new service charge”.

Nobody from Irwell Valley has been asking me about it.

Nobody from Irwell Valley has been trying to make an offer for me.

I have not signed any changes to my contract.

I promised them, if they take some money from my bank account, I’ll make a “small claim” against them because they have not my permission to do this.

What kind of company can charge you for around £70 more a month than in a previous month, just like that?





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  1. They did send a letter to everyone last September 23rd. They asked then for comments hence the email I have posted on here today. They say less than 1% of residents replied. IF that is true then their actions although deplorable are not surprising. If they only had 6 (ASSUMING APPROX 600 TENANTS BETWEEN THE 3 BLOCKS) replies then they must assume that people agree with them. Sadly that’s how it works. However maybe it’s time to get everyone you know to sign up on here and maybe it’s not too late to do something about it.

    1. It is not too late. They should not made any decision. Why ?? because no answer means no answer .
      No answer doesn’t mean Yes or No. It is simple.
      I have seen first calculation of the new service charge in February 2017.
      Is any body who has seen it before February 2017 ? Anybody can show me the calculation with a different date, because I have never seen it in a past? This situation looks like a real fraud.

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