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We have received notification of the new service charges for Fitzgerald Court.  This is absolutely outrageous.  How on earth do they expect people to just pay an extra £60.00 per month.  We have received two notification letters in separate names and there is no explanation as to whether it £15.00 a week for each person or each property.  This is supposed to be a non-profitable organization and yet they put these charges onto people’s rents without listening to the difficulties this will put people into financially.  We don’t even receive a cost of living rise in our wages that would cover this extortionate rise.  The breakdown they have shown is also a joke.  We wouldn’t mind paying an extra £5.00 a week but really £15.00 is just greedy.  These charges will physically put people into debt.  Surely what they are doing is against the law.

We also cannot believe they are getting rid of concierge service, it has taken nearly three years to clean up the flats and now we just dread to think what it will be like without them.  Again all about the greed of the manager of the concierge service,  feel so sorry for all the staff that has worked so hard to provide a wonderful service and now have no jobs to go to whilst the manager is holidaying it up with their hard earned wages.

We will definitely be moving to private affordable accommodation in the near future as will not be paying Irwell Valleys extortionate rise in rent.

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  1. No, No, No.
    We will definitely not be moving to private accommodation.
    We don’t want to lose the battle.
    We must take back our accommodation under our control.
    Just say:
    Yes, We can.


    Service Charges
    2.33 In addition to their rent, tenants may also pay service charges. Rents are generally
    taken to include all charges associated with the occupation of a property, such as
    maintenance and general housing management services. Service charges usually
    reflect additional services which may not be provided to every tenant, or which may
    be connected with communal facilities rather than being particular to the occupation
    of a dwelling. Service charges are subject to separate legal requirements and are
    limited to covering the cost of providing the services.
    2.34 Authorities are expected to set reasonable and transparent service charges which
    reflect the service being provided to tenants. For social rent, they are also expected
    to identify service charges separately to the rent charge.
    2.35 Service charges are not governed by the same factors as rent. However,
    authorities should endeavour to keep increases for service charges within the limit
    on rent changes, of CPI + 1 percentage point, to help keep charges affordable.
    2.36 The only exception to this expectation is where new or extended services are
    introduced, where we expect an additional charge may need to be made. Where
    this is the case, authorities are expected to consult appropriately with tenants
    before introducing new or extended services and associated charges.

    These rise in charges does not seem to be inline with the government guidelines on either increase in rent nor increase in service charge

  3. There are no new or extended services that would qualify for the exception noted in 2.36

    There is in fact a reduction in services in getting rid of the concierge service. Expecting us to pay more for less.

  4. CPI – Consumer price index rose by 1.8% from 2016 to 2017

    This limits the increase in service charge to 2.8%

    not the 20% that is proposed

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