Not happy for this service charge:(

Dear All

Just received the letter they adjusting DD with increased rent. This is greedy attitude. Not bothering whether we can pay or not. Not sure what to do but wherever it takes will be with you guys.

From Castleton Court

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  1. Hi finally found the site to leave a reply … totally and utterly worried about service charge … I think first and foremost for a starter service charge it’s way over the top I did voice this to irwell valley at the time it was proposed in the first initial letter it read it would be about £13+ the final total being set is now £15+ a week….this is per flat which amounts to lots of money and things will not break (I hope) on a regular basis the lift as broke twice since I have been here if they were to break regularly then obviously it will eat a large amount of cash here’s hoping that won’t happen…..our worry being older as well is anti social behaviour the consierges going is a sickner for us…the cleaners that are being brought in will be reporting anti social behaviour/repairs etc to irwell but from 5-10pm then there is ccctv but who will be watching them???a million and one questions swirling round in our heads about it all but at end of it the service charge is too much so worried x

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