So disappointing

So then 6 people have signed up and posted.  That’s the exact number IV told me had replied to the original “consultation” letter.  I thought maybe they were lying, it seems not.

So obviously the vast majority of residents have no problem with this and are happy to be robbed of £60 per month.  They are either on benefits therefore don’t care or they have so much money to spare they can afford it.  Once again we see total apathy I have to say as a so called weak southerner I am astounded.  I have friends in London their HA tried this and they all REFUSED to pay it and the HA climbed down.  People power shame it doesn’t happen up here.

Anyway it seems IV will get away with this and remember they have the right to put it up every 6 months if they wish.  Let’s see what it is this time next year.

The apathy is staggering.

Steve Whittock

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  1. Just come back on to see if there’s any other input and apart from Steve there’s nothing …. maybe not a lot of older end got internet to post really sad all round though … we will just have to see how it goes we still feel the same worried truly x

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